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Braxton Cook, inspired by John Coltrane and Stevie Wonder, is finishing up his awaited first full debut album this fall and wants to share two free tracks with you now.
Braxton, recent grad from the prestigious Julliard School on the Illinois Jacquet Scholarship was fortunate to share the stage with Wynton Marsalis, Jon Batiste and Christian Scott
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Recent Testimonials
  He possesses one of the most unique and beautiful sounds I've come across in my life in music. CHRISTIAN SCOTT  
  We found ourselves transfixed by the intelligent phrasing and rich tone of a young saxophonist named Braxton Cook. WASHINGTON POST  
  Cook's texture and tone channeled the spirit of John Coltrane's "Alabama." From his unwavering high notes to his forceful shouts of anger projected toward the audience... DOWN BEAT MAGAZINE  



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