Braxton Cook Quintet by Braxton Cook


Braxton Cook is one of this generation’s brightest up and coming alto saxophonists and songwriters. He has performed alongside Wynton Marsalis, Jon Batiste and has toured the world many times over with Grammy Nominated Trumpeter Christian Scott all while attending the prestigious Juilliard School. As a band-leader, he has already recorded and released two projects and is now currently working on his debut album. His newest music features not only his abilities as a saxophonist and songwriter, but also features his vocal abilities. Braxton melds all of these elements into his music creating a very unique genre-blending sound that one could describe as Millennial Jazz — accessible to the avid Jazz listener as well as to the R&B and Soul music lover.



  • “the inclusion of 21-year old saxophonist Braxton Cook, who joined the group during its weekend, engagement, was an inspired choice. Cook’s texture and tone channeled the spirit of John Coltrane’s “Alabama.” From his unwavering high notes to his forceful shouts of anger projected toward the audience…”

    -Shannon Effinger, Downbeat Magazine
  • “we found ourselves transfixed by the intelligent phrasing and rich tone of a young saxophonist named Braxton Cook”

    – Fritz Hahn, Washington Post


When I was 5, my Mom rented a saxophone for my Dad's birthday. I remember sitting down and listening to him play Somewhere Over The Rainbow. The rest of my brothers had left the room, but I stayed, transfixed by the sound. Eventually he came over and asked if I wanted to try it myself - it was too big and heavy for me to hold, so he held it up for me. From that first note, I was hooked and knew that I had to play the saxophone. I grew up in the 90’s in the Maryland/DC area, my house was full of all kinds of music, I remember listening to so much good music in those early years, old Motown records, Parliament Funkadelic, Cameo, Bill Withers and old jazz records. The sound of the saxophone always stood out to me and I found myself wanting to recreate the sounds that I heard from the re Read more
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